Family Room September 3 2012

BonBon Break


The milestones in a child’s life cause moms around the world to celebrate. Facebook posts scream our delight when baby finally sleeps through the night. We post pictures of the first day of kindergarten, a great play on the sports field, dance recitals, driving a car, and prom. Eventually, the kids grow up and we proudly share graduation pictures and share college decisions.

Then they move away. Our excitement about graduation and college decisions made is replaced with empty space. We can’t snap a quick picture anymore, because they’re gone. Off to college to tell their own story, unedited by mom. We’re left behind, with holes in our heart, the story not over. It’s just no longer ours to share.

How does a mom let go — and do it well?

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“The whole is the sum of the parts, so be a good part” – Nate McConnell

I’ve been a teacher for two decades, but sometimes it’s still hard to break out of the slower pace of summer and recharge for the upcoming school year. Thinking about the students anticipating their first day, and the colleagues who count on me, however, makes me feel responsible to be the best I can be.

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1x1.trans Chat with Ruthie... Tips for Raising Healthy Active KidsHow to Raise Healthy Active Kids is a post full of tips to help you and your kids lead a healthy active life style. Ruthie shares her experience of her struggle with weight issues until her early 30’s and how she developed healthy eating and exercise habits and has helped her kids do the same!

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Ruthie is the author of the cooking, gardening, and family life blog, “What’s Cooking with Ruthie“. She is the mother of 5 kids and 2 dogs. Ruthie loves to cook and makes her recipes as family friendly and healthy as possible! She’s a runner, a newbie road biker, loves gardening, photography and travel (whenever she gets the chance!) She also loves to share whatever she’s got cookin’!

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TOUGH DISCUSSIONS ::: Maternal Dementia

How does Santa Claus get in to our house if we don’t have a chimney? Does the tooth fairy really put coins under my pillow? Where do babies come from? If I came from your belly, how did I get there?

As our children grow in height and character, they begin to test the magic and protective world we’ve created around them. Questions come when least expected. But you never know which one will be the hardest to answer….



About MDTaz: Maggie is not afraid to admit that she’s occasionally ambivalent about being a mother. Her blog, Maternal Dementia, chronicles how she loves her children but doesn’t always love the train wreck they’ve made of her life.

Once a reluctant blogger, she’s fallen in love with the digital medium, but she still keeps a journal the old-fashioned way and sends handwritten post-cards and letters. Lately she’s been curbing her time on social media, though you can still catch an occasional update on Twitter.