Playroom August 13 2012

BonBon Break

CARDBOARD BOX ROAD ::: Icing & Crumbs

Summer means hot days.

Hot days and l o n g hours spent playing outside.

Running, chasing, jumping, splashing – until tired, warm little bodies find their way back inside for a rest in the cool.

Summer also means paint dries fast.

So while taking refuge from the heat of the sun, little hands can be kept busy in the playroom or in the shade on the deck making a project like this:

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About Kristina: Born and bred in Australia (with several years also spent living in the mid-west of the US), she now lives on the beautiful island of O’ahu, Hawaii. She is the mother of two beautiful, young children. Kristina is passionate about cooking and teaching her children the importance of healthy eating; from trying to grow things in the garden, to creating simple meals and treats.

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Where there’s smoke there’s fire…Okay, not really. {That would be dangerous and this is a kids’ toy, after all.}


This DIY wooden fire nesting puzzle will certainly heat up imaginative play for your little one. Roast some marshmallows, tell some ghost stories, sing campfire songs, use it as a puzzle or put it on a shelf and admire.


But you might want to make it a high shelf, I’m pretty sure the kids will be attracted to this puzzle like a moth to a flame.

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About Amy:
Amy, from While Wearing Heels, suffers from a severe form of Crafter Attention Deficit Disorder SO does her blog. She finds herself doing a lot of tutorials. What sort of a tutorial really depends on the week (crafts, hair, home decor, how to extract a bento box cup from your dog after she has eaten one). She likes to share things she thinks are interesting or helpful and hopes to get that across with a few laughs thrown in. Join the good times and ideas with Amy on Pinterest or Facebook.


This Bookshelf Fire Station is the ultimate dollhouse for a boy! It encourages imaginative play, creativeness, and is a fun learning tool. By using an old bookshelf as the frame, you can build your own firehouse and customize each room. Create a couple peg doll firemen and your little one will have hours of fun sliding them down the fire pole, cooking in the kitchen, and fighting pretend fires!

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About Sarah:
Sarah is a stay-at-home mom to her two toddler age boys. She is also an artist and graphic designer that loves crafting with her kids, taking on DIY projects, crocheting and attempting to cook with the help of her Crock pot. She blogs at RepeatCrafterMe. Find Sarah on Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter.


Unstructured play is the perfect combination of development and entertainment for a child. Give your child a toy with no end goal and let them 3 Clues to Use When Choosing Educational Children’s Media by Angela Santomero at their own pace, imagining their own scenarios. If you’re looking for a fun way to encourage your offspring to entertain themselves this summer, consider investing in some PVC pipes and a few connector pieces. For less than $20 you can make your own set of building blocks—with the added benefit that you can pour water through them! Fun for ages kindergarten through seventh grade!

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About Olivia: Olivia is currently a PhD student studying bees and flowers in the southwestern U.S. She moonlights as a blogger on 3 Clues to Use When Choosing Educational Children’s Media by Angela , and as an after school enrichment provider for elementary school science labs. She loves teaching children how to ask and answer their own questions, and to appreciate science as much as she does. When not in front of a computer madly typing up her dissertation, she is out exploring the mountains of northern New Mexico.

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