Front Porch September 10 2012

BonBon Break

Welcome to our eighth issue of Bonbon Break. With the new school year in full swing most of us find ourselves going back to the schedules that can be so nice to leave behind in the summer.


For my husband and me this upcoming week is one we both dread and enjoy at the same time. Since all three of our children go to different schools Open School Night is an exercise in time management. We have a clear plan of attack as we find the right parking spot for each school and quickly scan each child’s classroom for key points and projects that we know they are going to want us to see.


The real trick is doing this in a calm enough fashion that our children’s teachers don’t think we are nuts.


Yes, the craziness of the school year is back.


Good thing there is a place I can escape to take a Bonbon Break!


This week’s issue is full of family friendly recipes and fun. From the fun PB&J Pinwheels Lisa did just for our Bonbon Break readers to crafts and activities to keep the whole family entertained. We also get some practical parenting advice for our younger children, and our teens.


But we also have articles just for us. Sex after 40, making healthy food choices when we are at family gatherings and essays exploring everything from why mom’s judge each other to one womans realization that her life spent in dance class taught her so much about life.


We also deal with our crafty sides with tutorials on making a purse out of duct tape, a too-cute-for words baby hat that seriously has me contemplating learning to crochet and a scrapbook using Instagram photos.


And if that’s not enough to keep you happy and busy reading this week, we have a great original post from the wonderful Sheri Silver on how to get our garden ready for the winter months so that next spring we are all ready to begin anew.


To all our wonderful contributors this week, thank you. Every single post that Val and I select are ones that we truly love and we are so honored to share your work. And to our readers, thanks for stopping by. We take our job of providing a fun place to escape very seriously and we really appreciate you spending your precious time with us.


Wishing you a very happy week!


Kathy Radigan

Co-Editor/Owner of Bonbon Break Media, LLC