Peanut Butter and Jelly Pinwheels by Wine & Glue

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We are always looking for a fun new way to do lunch around my house.  As one of my friends said recently, “Professional chefs always say that your kids want to eat more complicated food, but they don’t, they want junk!!”  Isn’t it true?  Gavin will pick frozen chicken nuggets over a tasty risotto any day of the week.  And if I tried to make him home made mac n cheese instead of something from a blue box, he would probably start to cry.

So . . . one day last year, in a mom flash of genius while we were haggling over what was for lunch, I blurted out, “Do you want a peanut butter and jelly pinwheel??”  I could tell immediately he was intrigued (as the wheels in my head frantically started turning and smoke began to pour from my ears).  He hesitantly said, “Sure . . . ”  And then he watched wide eyed as I thinned out a piece of bread,

spread on some peanut butter,

added some jelly,



and cut.

He was captivated.  Entranced.  Mesmerized.  (Okay, that could be a slight exaggeration.)  But he was happy.  And even though a peanut butter and jelly sandwich isn’t the end all be all of nutritious lunches,  I feel better about it than frozen chicken nuggets.  Especially when I round it out with some fresh fruits and veggies.



About Lisa: 
Lisa, from Wine & Glue, prides herself on being a wannabe of every kind. Chief on her wannabe lists are chef, baker, seamstress, party planner, and photographer. Well, maybe not a wannabe of every kind. She is a very real mom to two crazy and wonderful little monkies. Check out her wild wannabe adventures at Wine & Glue or follow along onFacebookTwitter or Pinterest.




Peanut Butter and Jelly Pinwheels was written by Lisa of Wine & Glue exclusively for Bonbon Break Media, LLC