Front Porch July 30 2012

BonBon Break

A Letter from the Editors of Bonbon Break

There is a little chant going on in my head. It started a little over a month ago. (Oh, so softly) Then we were working and working on this incredible collection of ladies and their work, but the chanting could still be heard whispering in the background.

Then a plane ticket from a certain little island in the PNW to the Big Apple was purchased. The chanting got a little louder.

Clothes were purchased. Itineraries made… a little louder.

Accomodations. Child care. THE shoes. Check. Check. Check…louder still.

Issue 1…Issue 2…louder.

The Tweeting has started. Social Media networks are at the ready, standing by. Facebook. Yes! Instagram! OH HECK YES!  Louder.

OOOOH there are women from the third issue. THEY will be there. LOUDER. LOUDER.

And here it is ladies. ISSUE THREE! It is our best issue yet! Say it with me now…


BlogHer '12

Kathy and I will be there!! Quite a few of the lovely ladies of Issue 3 will be there!! Look next to their entries in the rooms, they will have a little BlogHer button next to their names.


This Small Town Island Mama will be taking a 5 day trip to meet up with her Big City Island Mama counterpart for the first time.

And this issue. OH THIS ISSUE! It is just o v e r f l o w i n g with our favorites. And you get to meet Angela! We are  thrilled to announce that she will be contributing to Bonbon Break as a regular. Angela Santomero. The creator of Blues Clues and Super Why! (and coming soon… Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood). My son is smitten. He sees me working on the page and says, “Is that HER mom? Angela? The one?” Yes son.  And to make it all even MORE exciting, she will be speaking at BlogHer! Holy cow. I might just pop out of my insanely cute red wedges.

This issue will be running for 2 straight weeks. There is plenty to keep you busy and don’t miss a post. Every last one is golden. SHARE them. Share these ladies with your friends.

Kathy, Suzanne, Cristi, Angela, Amber, Amy, Jillee, Jenn, Heather, Keesha, Darci, Zina, Brenda, Cara, Sheri, Maria, Marnie, Heather, Jackie, Jane, Melanie, Karah, Christine, Bethe, Lauren and one of my LARGEST blog crushes, Erica (she’s brilliant, truly). Check them out.

So follow our week via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. I am a bit of an iPhone junkie and now Bonbon Break has it’s very own account (bonbonbreak, of course).


If you can’t be there in person, follow along. We will take you with us and next Monday, we will be updating the Front Porch with news from BlogHer.

Thank you for joining us on this adventure and we can’t wait to see what we can bring back to you!

Chant with me now…



~Val Curtis~

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P.S. Check out Kathy’s piece and join her in the BlogHer mania. She is in the Family Room!


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