MOM CAVE July 30 2012

BonBon Break

POSTCARD KEEPSAKE ::: While Wearing Heels

Whether your summer travel plans involve a trip across country or a night out in the city, be sure to buy a stack of postcards.

And, while you fill out postcards to your family and friends, why not write one to yourself as well.  Write out the highlights from your trip, the things that made you laugh.  Include the moments you want to capture and remember.

Put a stamp on your postcard and drop it in the mail.  Until we meet again, bon voyage postcard.

Your ‘back to normal life’ self {the one suffering from post vacation blues}, will appreciate getting something in the
mail other than the bills from your latest adventure…

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About Amy: Amy, from While Wearing Heels, suffers from a severe form of Crafter Attention Deficit Disorder SO does her blog. She finds herself doing a lot of tutorials. What sort of a tutorial really depends on the week (crafts, hair, home decor, how to extract a bento box cup from your dog after she has eaten one). She likes to share things she thinks are interesting or helpful and hopes to get that across with a few laughs thrown in. Join the good times and ideas with Amy on Pinterest or Facebook.

HOW TO MAKE A PALLET BED ::: The Space Between

Hello there! Right now you are probably in the full swing of summer, hopefully it is going superbly. It was right around 3 years ago now that my husband and I chose to move to a land of eternal summer, Curacao, with sun shiny days and constant coastal breezes. And, we recently made a pallet bed for our rooftop patio so we can enjoy the weather day and night. This project would be perfect for any patio, deck or outdoor retreat you would like to create in your own space. Find out all of the details right here

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About Karah: Karah Bunde is the founder and write for the DIY decor and craft blog the space between. She is a small town girl from the North East who finds herself renting a house on a Caribbean island after owning and renovating 3 1/2 homes in different US cities over the course of 8 years. She is in the process of trying anything (pallet word art, hutch turned tv stand, driftwood Christmas trees) to make the most of the space she now finds herself in. We all know that space, the space between what has been and what will be.

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DIY Anthropologie Necklace ::: Artzy Creations 

Who hasn’t looked online or browsed through the catalogue pages of Anthropologie wanting to have that distinctive signature look, minus the hefty price tag? While browsing, I came across this stunning necklace…and its $400 price tag. After a closer look, I figured out how to make this beautiful necklace for a fraction of the price. This simple and detailed tutorial takes out all of the guess work, allowing you to make your own one of kind beauty. Did I mention I made it for a fraction of the price? Find out how to make your own right here.

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About Melanie: Melanie Artz is the founder and creative director of her blog Artzy Creations. A blog dedicated to creating and inspiring others to create. Melanie has her Master of Arts in Art Education from The Art Academy of Cincinnati and has been an art educator for over fifteen years. When not teaching art, she is actively engaged in sewing, jewelry making, painting, and a countless variety of other artistic endeavors.

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HOW TO MAKE A BLOG HEADER IN PIC MONKEY::: Projects Around the House

Hi Bonbon Break readers! My name is Christine and I blog over at Projects Around The House. I share my DIY crochet, jewelry, sewing, crafting, gardening, decorating and cooking projects. I recently started a series called Beautify Your Blog. I want to share with all my readers tips for sprucing up your blog. Most of what I have learned has taken a lot of Google searching and trial and error so I wanted to share what I’ve learned and help you to improve your blog. Check out my post on How to Make a Blog Header.

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About Christine:

Christine blogs at Projects Around The House. She shares her DIY crochet, jewelry, sewing, crafting, gardening, decorating and cooking projects that she works on with her husband.

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