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In this episode, Val is chatting it up with Ellie of Musing Momma.

Ellie of Musing Momma

Ellie is one part genius, one part goofball and one part heart. Wearer of many hats, she has a PhD in Psychology and is mother to two small human boys and one large fur boy. As Editor of the Family Room here at BonBon Break as well as on her personal blog, Musing Momma, Ellie is always insightful and inspiring. In her down-time, she can be found reading good fiction, cooking and baking, enjoying yoga and pilates, gardening, traveling, shopping (clothes! shoes! stuff for the house!) or doing nature walks with the kids.

March is Colon Cancer Awareness Month and Ellie will be sharing her story and some tips for you and your friends and family…and there will be more, because well, this woman is DYNAMIC! 


  • Listen to Ellie read: I Don’t Want to Write this Post – The Shoe Drops
  • Discussion about having a family member with cancer
  • Colonoscopies – TRULY they are not that bad.
  • Signs of Colon Cancer – talk about it (one of the most diagnosed cancers in women)
  • Practicing gratitude and other coping skills
  • Creating opportunities for our children to see the way people live in the world


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