12 Thoughts You Have When You Learn You’re Pregnant with Baby #2

Katie Markey McLaughlin

As the saying goes, no two pregnancies are alike.

What’s equally true is that the way we think about separate pregnancies is also vastly different. At least for me, the internal chatter that constantly runs through my mind has changed dramatically from the first time I was expecting.

This was the case from the very beginning, the moment I first saw those two blue lines.

With pregnancy #1, my first thoughts revolved around the sweet smell of a newborn, itty bitty baby clothes, and decorating a nursery.

This time around? My initial thoughts had quite a different tone.

12 Thoughts You Have When You Learn You’re Pregnant with Baby #2

1. How the heck am I going to do the whole pregnancy/newborn thing with a crazy, energetic, and strong- willed toddler running around???

2. Uh-oh, I sort of forgot how much labor freakin’ hurts…

3. I may have given up caffeine completely with my first, but there is no way I can do that now!




Katie Markey McLaughlin, M.S., is a freelance journalist and blogger, plus mama to a very energetic toddler. She’s also downright tired of trying to have it all. Her blog Pick Any Two encourages moms to do anything, but not everything.