When Your Child Says, “I Hate School!”

Andy Smithson

“When am I ever going to use this? This is so boring!” “I hate school!”

Have you ever heard anything like this from your school aged children? If you have, don’t freak out. It’s more common that it is rare.

The thing is, it doesn’t have to be that way. Kids are inherently curious and active learners.

The whole four-to-five years prior to entering formal classrooms is spent learning. Children seek out learning and are constantly doing all kinds of experiments, some more destructive than constructive. Nevertheless, they are inquisitive and interested in the world around them and how to navigate it….

In the years before our kids enter formal education, they learn incredible amounts of information and even apply it to their lives. They do it all with astonishing excitement and motivation. They do all of this without any formal education, worksheets or class time.

So why is it that so many kids that have sought out and loved learning independently up until their school years, all of a sudden “hate school”?…

What happens? Why do they often go from excited and knowledge seeking to bored and knowledge avoiding? Most important, how do we re-ignite that natural love of learning again?




How to Re-ignite Your Child's Love of Learning

Andy Smithson is a Husband, Father, Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Speaker, Parent Coach and Author of TRU Parenting:5 Jump Starters for Powerful Family Cycles. Andy has been a contributing writer on many parenting sites including Deseret News and Everyday Family. He’s a city boy living in rural Idaho along the scenic Snake River with his wife and five kids. In all his pursuits he seeks to help parents change negative patterns and build positive patterns of successful, healthy parenting and family. You can find his writing at TRU parenting.