DIY Strawberry Tower with Built-In Reservoir


Nothing beats fresh ripe strawberries that taste like the warm sunshine…

Yet, we all know strawberries can take up lots of space to get good yields. Not to mention protecting them from all the bugs!

Now you can learn how to make a super easy DIY strawberry tower with built-in reservoir for almost FREE!

With this tower you can grow about 50 plants in one or two square feet! It’s made from recycled materials with simple tools. Everyone can make this in a couple of hours with old nursery pots, buckets, and water bottles.

The smart built-in reservoir make it easy to water. You can add compost tea to make the plants extra healthy and productive.

Last year we came up with this idea, made one, and it FAILED! Failures inspired us to make some big improvements. This time it worked beautifully!!

To learn additional tips, why we failed last year, and how you can have a huge success and huge harvest, visit the link below!




DIY Strawberry Tower with Built-In Reservoir


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