Creating an Outdoor Learning Space

Caitlyn Stock

As a former Army wife, I’ve moved around quite a bit and experienced homes of all types. Apartments with tiny patios, houses with large yards. All that time spent moving around and never knowing what we’d have next has resulted in an unexpected talent for creating outdoor learning spaces on a shoestring budget (sometimes even a $0 budget).

Time outside every day is important to me so the spaces I create for my children are must always be engaging and fun. At the same time, I’m renting so I never do anything that I can’t easily remove and I have to avoid anything that would look like an eyesore to my landlord.

You don’t need any power tools or special skills to pull off these ideas. Many of our materials are repurposed for outdoor play, meaning that not only are they low/no cost but they are also good for the environment too.

My latest backyard makeover has been dubbed by my children’s friends as “the coolest backyard in the neighborhood.”




Creating an Outdoor Learning Space for Free or Frugal by Suzy Homeschooler


Caitlyn "Suzy" Stock is a self proclaimed geek with a passion for fantasy novels and sci-fi movies. She homeschools her two children and has big dreams of taking them on a yearlong field trip in a converted school bus-rv. You can find her writing at where she shares her homeschooling ideas, activities, lesson plans, and free printables.