This Mom Rocked her Tiny Laundry Space for Under $400

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Do you see this woman? Her name is Ronda Batchelor and she is a GENIUS. A thrifty genius at that.

Here is why this is SO fascinating to me. Three months ago, I hurt my shoulder and was in a sling. Laundry was impossible for 3 weeks, but it HAD to get done, right?

We taught our kids (ages 4 and 7)  how to sort their clothes and put them away. It has worked like a charm. For the items that need to be folded, we can accept what the 4 year old can do or our 7 year old can earn a dollar for helping her fold.

Yes, I had to let go my image of perfectly folded and placed clothes, but the kids are doing it, they are proud and…drum roll.

When we came back from vacation and I was sorting with the 4 year old, she said, “Mama, when we were in Hawaii, you did ALL of the laundry…and no one even said, ‘Thank you.’ Thank you Mama. That was so nice!” I am not making this up. I won’t lie. I went into the bathroom and shed a tear. I wrote it in my silver lining journal. Wow.

So when I saw this video, I thought, “YES! Even more efficient!” We have a tiny space as well and a limited budget. This would be AMAZING.

Source: YouTube
Everything from the drying racks to the hanging space and the barn door. I WANT IT ALL.

What is YOUR favorite feature?


This mom of 6 rocked her tiny laundry space for UNDER $400. We are loving ALL of the tips and tricks!