10 Unusual Uses For Lemons

Tatanisha Worthey

Most of us can agree that lemons are great for summertime drinks and dessert bars, but this humble yellow fruit is great for so much more than that! From helping you keep your home clean naturally to keeping your skin looking youthful, lemons are certainly not just for eating these days! The following 10 unusual uses for lemons prove that!

Moisten dry skin: Slice lemons thinly (not so thin that they flake apart), and lay on an area of dry skin. The juice from the lemon will help naturally moisten the skin making it less flakey.

Soothe bug bites and scratches: Lemons have antibacterial properties so using a drop or two of lemon juice on bug bites or scratches can help them heal quicker.

Stronger and whiter nails: Mix a few tablespoons of lemon juice with a cup of vinegar and soak your fingernails in it. Not only will it whiten them, but it will strengthen them as well.

Rice that doesn’t stick: The next time you’re cooking rice, add a tablespoon of lemon juice to the water. Your rice won’t stick together, making for a perfectly cooked dish.

Reduce blackheads and pimples: Dab lemon juice on a blackhead or pimples and let sit overnight. In the morning, wash your face like normal. Your pimple should be gone.

PMS Relief: For those that Mother Nature visits with a vengeance, a few doses of pure lemon juice can be a relief for heavy symptoms. This should help with cramping as well as heavy flow and other nasties that can come with it.

Mold Remover: Spray lemon juice on mold for a quick way to remove it. Once the lemon juice has set for a bit, clean the mold then wipe it down again with lemon juice and vinegar to disinfect.

Keep sliced food from browning: Cut potatoes, apples, avocados among others, will all brown if they’re left expose to air too long. Dip each slice in lemon juice to keep them looking fresh and retain their natural color.

Natural Stain Removers: Add one cup of lemon juice to your laundry for a natural scent booster and stain remover. Your whites will come out sparkling when you do this.

Smelly hands from foods: Hands smell like onions? Dip them in a sink filled with lemon juice and water for a few minutes then wash like normal. The smells will be gone!


10 Unusual Uses for Lemons

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