Purse Organization: 7 Tips for a Lighter Load

Cori George

Ever wonder why your purse is so heavy? And then you look inside and discover you’ve been carrying around a large collection of unnecessary items for, well, who knows how long? It happens to us all now and then. If you’re a mom, these items can be anything from a tiny Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle and Goldfish crackers to a fancy pair of Barbie shoes and a Capri Sun. If you’re not, there are probably still sunglasses, partially used gift cards and Larabars floating around the bottom of you bag. It can be quite shocking what hides in the depths of our purses and even more curious how some of those things got there.

As part of her series called, A Life More Simple, Cori George shares seven highly practical tips to purse organization along with useful ways we can keep things streamlined once we get them in order. Cori features must have items that are both fun and functional – many that you’ll want to run right out and buy for yourself. I’m guessing we can all recognize a little of ourselves in Cori’s post (even those of us who are mostly organized at all times).

Check out Cori’s great tips and then be sure to share some of your own purse organization tips here – we’d love to hear how you’re keeping your purse tamed.




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