Improve Your Front Door Curb Appeal For Under $20

Sommer Poquette

Curb appeal. We all want our homes to have it, we just might not have the budget to give our home a complete makeover and spend the money we see being spent on the home shows. The home shows that I’m mildly addicted to. The ones with expert designers who I’d love to invite over to my home. You know the ones I’m talking about, right?

That’s okay. You don’t need to have a huge budget to give your home some inviting curb appeal. If you have the budget, you’re in luck. If not, save up your latte money for a few weeks and that’s all you need to give that front door of yours some pizazz! We can all find an extra $20 to improve the look of our home or at least save pennies and make a plan.

Are you wondering what Kool-Aid (or organic lemonade, my preference) I drank and how this is possible? Don’t. I’ve got you covered, and I promise you, for less than $20 (not including your time and hard work) you can, indeed, improve the curb appeal of your front door and maybe even have some money left over for Kool-Aid, should that be your drink of choice.

Let’s begin with a few ideas because we don’t all have the same type of home, front porch or sense of style. So options are good, just like I prefer red Kool-Aid, you might like the blue. To each their own!

Improve the curb appeal of your home with a pop of color on your front door Improve your front door curb appeal with a pop of color!

#1 Give your front door a pop of color!

While driving around my sleepy little town each home that stood out to me had a unique door or decorated front porch. A color that was eye catching, like lime green. Now of course, lime green won’t be for everyone but try a color that you wouldn’t ordinarily choose like a bright red, yellow or orange. Making your front door stand out from the rest is the first start to giving your home some extra charm. Plus a quart of paint is less than $20! For how to paint your door visit The Space Between, she’s got your covered.


Improve Curb Appeal with your front door Improve your front door curb appeal for under $20

#2 Use what you have!

This sound funny but it’s true. Sometimes we have things in our garage or basement that we can use to dress up our front door and porch to give it curb appeal without spending any extra money. That means more money for Kool-Aid and lattes! For example, do you have an old winter sleigh from your grandmother you could hang next to your door or a bucket with dried flowers? Something to dress it up and give your home some character that makes it stand out amongst the rest of the homes on your street? That’s the idea, giving your front door character that catches someone’s eye as they drive by. For me, I’m on the lookout for an antique sleigh to put next to my door now and hopefully for way under $20. Thinking outside the box and finding what you might already have in your basement, attic or garage to use as outside door décor’.

#3 Be different.

Don’t do what everyone else is doing but think differently. Like hang a square or rectangular wreath, not a round one. Sure you could buy one and maybe on sale for less than $20 but you can also make your own. Shanty-2-Chic, shows you exactly how and it’s not hard, I promise. Start combining all of the above tips into one for the ultimate front door curb appeal!

#4 Add Outdoor Lighting.

This can seem costly but if you shop after season sales, you can surely find walkway lighting for half off. Just a few stakes of solar lighting is all you need to give your front door that extra glow. You can even choose battery operated lights for a wreath or porch banister for that extra special touch and after the holidays I’ve found these marked down for up to 75% off.
Improve the Curb Appeal of Your Home for Under $20

#5 Use Natural Elements.

Take a walk in the woods, find fresh branches and pine cones. Get creative and create an outdoor center piece to display next to your door. One that will draw the eye to what you’ve created. I love doing this because my children get involved and we have fun using items we find in nature, putting them together next to fall mums, pumpkins and corn stalks in the fall. This is something you can do year around but our favorite time to use this type of front porch curb appeal is in the autumn. Just adding a bale of hay, cornstalks, a pumpkin or two and mum can give your front door charm. When shopping at our big box stores, like Home Depot, I can always find these items at a low cost.

Whatever your budget, you can easily improve the attractiveness of your front porch with any of these simple, inexpensive ideas. No home show expert is needed; though I’m sure we’d all welcome them into our home and serve them whatever color Kool-Aid they’d like. Get creative, take a drive in your little or big town and see what it is you like and don’t like. I’ve learned over the years my something old and haggard can look new again with some fabric and spray paint, both under $20.

What tips and tricks do you have for giving your front door curb appeal on a tight budget?



Improve Your Front Door's Curb Appeal for Under $20

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