The Truth About Family Camping

Melissa Avery

I love camping and I want everyone to love it too, but I know not everyone does. Over the years of family camping, I’ve learned a few “truths” that I tell parents when we strike up a conversation about going camping with little ones. The truth about camping is that it is fun and worth all the planning but there are some aspects that even an experienced camper like myself has to deal with. Doesn’t matter how prepared I’ve been, I always learn something new from every camping trip. Just like everything else in life the more we camped the better we got at it. From backcountry camping to glamping, these four “truths” have always stayed the same!

I want to impart my “Family Camping Truths” to parents because if you know these truths, then you know what you are getting into. Camping becomes more enjoyable and most importantly builds great family memories! From sleepless nights, forgetting diapers, not bringing enough baby wipes and falling into lakes, you name it this family has experienced it. Cheers to my camping “sufferings” because without them I couldn’t help more families get outdoors and enjoy the wonders of camping!


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HOT TIP: We tried out Coleman’s memory foam sleeping bag and it is a game changer!! 


The Truth About Family Camping


Melissa loves being an outdoor woman in all stages of her life and motherhood brought on a whole new aspect to her outdoor adventures. She is loving every moment of her outdoor family life and blogs about it at Chasqui Mom. Melissa is a wife and stay-at-home-mom to two wonderful toddlers, but you can find her on San Francisco Bay Area trails with her kids than at home. She also works within her Latino community, where she is a youth leader connecting students to the outdoors. From hiking, backpacking, camping, climbing and more, this family of four is always enjoying the outdoors, looking for new adventures.