4 Ways for Kids to Go Green

Cerys Parker

With Earth Day around the corner – we’re thinking of ways for kids to go green this year. Simple things that you and the kids can do that will help the planet and teach them about the Earth and Climate Change. As a conservationist, prior to becoming a teacher and mum, the earth and our effect on it was a HUGE part of my life and it was something that I wanted to learn about – now that I have kids, it’s a love I’m passing on to them through activities that we do as a family.

Here are 4 simple activities that you can do with the kids to get them to GO Green:

Go Help Clean up

You can volunteer together to help clean up; be it a beach, road, park, forest or even the school grounds organise or join an organised clean up operation – if it’s your school grounds then make it a family event and get it going regularly to keep the area at its best. Check local listings and look for leaflets and information points at your local park, forest or beach as they are always looking for volunteers.

Offset your Carbon Footprint

Whenever we go on a plane, we plant a tree afterwards to offset the carbon footprint – based on an island here in the UK if we want to travel it’s going to use a lot of Carbon so with every plane journey we do we plant a tree, large bush or sponsor a planting somewhere else – the kids now know that this is part of our travel and they are starting to learn why we are doing it especially when we point out on clear days the chemical trails of the planes in the sky.

Recycle reuse and conserve

Get the kids recycling – whenever there’s packaging help them organise it – make sure that they know about different bins and boxes that you may have in the house for the recycling and that you and they use them. Get them to start switching off lights whenever they see one left on and teach them about turning the tap on and off when they clean their teeth.

Learn about Nature

One of the easiest ways to connect with the Earth is to look at what inhabits it, get out and about, go to the backyard and dig in the soil, a walk on the beach, forest, lake, mountain, desert – whichever ecosystems are around, explore them and discover what is there and how it all connects, plus the impact that we have on those environments and the nature within them.




4 ways for kids to go Green

This post was written by Cerys Parker exclusively for BonBon Break Media, LLC.

Cerys Parker is a marine biologist and teacher as well as a Mum to 2, she is the founder of Rainy Day Mum, sharing Creative Family Fun, come rain or shine inspiring ideas for art, play and activities that the whole family can enjoy together.