Camping Trends For 2013 And Beyond by Inspired Camping

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Camping Trends For 2013 And Beyond

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Camping Trends for 2013 and Beyond by Inspired CampingAlthough ‘camping’ is only one word, it means many different things to different people and it got us wondering what’ the camping trends for 2013 and beyond might be.

Some of us love to set off with just a backpack, while others love to pack our best crockery, bedding and patio furniture. Then there are those who sleep on a mat under the stars or under canvas, while others stay in their beloved campervan or caravan. Then there are those who love the luxury side of glamping. In fact there are so many different ways to go camping we thought we’d summarize them and give our predictions for camping trends of the future.

ABOUT SARAH: Sarah is the founder of Inspired Camping, a free online magazine created to inspire cool family camping and glamping adventures, by offering high quality, vintage, eco-friendly and humorous articles and giveaways for any type of camper. She is also the author of Beach Potato a summer and surf adventure novel for kids and adults alike.

Occasionally Sarah manages to escape into the camping wilderness for some much-needed adventure with her family, and dusts off her Custard Point surfboard whenever she can. She particularly enjoys foraging for wild foods and finding treasures in the hedgerows she can turn into her own specially prepared meals, cider and wine.

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