Ramen To Go

Tara Noland


Have you ever had one of those really motivated days where you decide to prep and pack your lunches for the entire week? Better yet, you create a month’s worth of freezer meals in one afternoon? Yeah right. I wish I was that motivated. I have, on occasion, made a large salad on Sunday to eat for lunch throughout the week, but usually I just travel around with hard boiled eggs and oranges in my purse.

Tara has come up with a great (and SUPER easy) way to prep your lunch for the whole week. Ramen To Go! All you really need is a handful of this and a handful of that. She says,

“At the bottom of this dish is the noodles. I found ones at the grocery store that are divided into portion sizes and you just cook one of those per {sic}  serving, perfection!! Then top with your favorite Asian veggies, create a little tasty soup based paste and you have lunch for the next day………..If you are making one, it is definitely easy to make two, three or four. They last perfectly overnight and then the only thing they require is some hot water the next day for lunch. It couldn’t be easier and they are so nutritious and even more so delicious!!”

I’m pretty sure I can handle this. Adios hard boiled eggs! Ramen To Go is where it’s at!




Portable Ramen To Go! An excellent lunch option

Tara's love of cooking started at a very young age where she would cook for her family. That love has continued over the years and now includes lots of time spent in the kitchen with her husband and daughter creating and entertaining. She also has a new found love of photography, working hard to increase her skills. When pulled away from the kitchen the family loves to explore and travel.