Snickerdoodle Chex

Wendy O'Neal


Is there anything better than a happy accident?  I think not. Especially a delicious one like this Snickerdoodle Chex. Wendy came up with this recipe by accident, but I can see she’s really on to something here. Cinnamon+vegan white chocolate chips+Chex is like a person with food allergies snack dream come true. Wendy is the expert on all things allergy free, but she’s also proof that allergy friendly can be insanely delicious.

When it comes to this Snickerdoodle Chex she says,

” The white chocolate and cinnamon flavor of this Snickerdoodle Chex is scrumptious! I bet you can’t eat just one handful!”

You could feed this to any kid or adult and they would never even know it’s allergy free. It’s the perfect after school snack, party favor, holiday treat or even dessert. Not to mention it’s ready in about 10 minutes! Wendy, you just blew my mind. Friends, get ready to see a lot of this at gatherings in the future. I think I have new go-to potluck recipe.




Snickerdoodle Chex Mix recipe


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