Playing Tag on the Playground by Julie DeNeen

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Playing Tag on the Playground

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Playing Tag on the Playground by Julie DeNeen

Getting down and dirty with my kids is not something I do often. I am the parent who cooks them good food, cleans their rooms, helps with homework and boo boos– that sort of thing. My husband is the one who plays games or constructs elaborate forts to be used in an epic battle.

I was feeling guilty about my lack of playing, so the other day I took them to the playground with the express goal of interacting with them– no sitting on the bench staring at my iphone or chatting with other bored and exhausted mothers.

I expected to bond with them. I expected to feel delighted at their excitement over Mommy going down the slide and crossing the monkey bars.

But what I did not expect was to have a revelation. An epiphany about how time fast goes, how I am aging yes– but how fast my kids are growing up. The afternoon at the playground forced me to laugh at myself and take a few minutes, to act like a kid.

c7858c89a0832bc2047716d3ad5ab1d3ABOUT JULIE DENEEN:  Julie DeNeen is a full-time freelance writer, blogger, and author. She runs the Fabulous Blogging  website along with an actively and lively blogging group of nearly 100 members. She’s also the author of a popular blog called Life According to Julie, which chronicles her life as a mom and wanna-be writer. When not in front of her computer, she enjoys spending time with her three kids and husband, her plethora of cats, reading anything she can get her hands on, Downton Abbey, and of course- food in any form it takes.

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