No More Excuses; Time to Be a Hijabi by Meditations of a Muslimah

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No More Excuses; Time to Be a Hijabi

~:: Meditations of a Muslimah ::~

time to be a hijabiI have been Muslim for about two and a half years now. About 6 months after that, I began dressing more modestly, wearing long sleeves, looser fitting clothes, etc. I knew then that I would eventually want to/ need to wear a hijab, but wasn’t ready for that. I’ve been seriously considering wearing a hijab for the past year, but have always been able to come up with great excuses why not to.

TaraABOUT TARA:  Tara is an American Muslim who converted to Islam in August 2010. Married but with no kids yet, Tara has her Masters in Social Work. After working for four years in the field, she decided to take a break from Social Work. Eager to rekindle her passion for writing, Tara recently began her blog Meditations of a Muslimah, where she shares about her experiences as a new Muslimah, thoughts on religion, lessons from life, things that inspire her, foods she loves to make and eat, travel, and life in general! You can follow Tara on her blog Meditations of a Muslimah or on Facebook.


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