3 Types of Expatriates by Djibouti Jones

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3 Types of Expatriates

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3 Types of Expatriates

What’s an expatriate?

“Someone who used to be a patriot,” my son said.

“Someone who pays double the rent,” my landlord said.

“Someone who eats pork,” my Muslim friend said.

“Someone who can get me a visa to the United States,” my English student said.

“Someone we laugh at,” my neighbor said.

Actually, an expatriate is someone who lives outside their passport country.

I’ve picked out a few types (and one surprise):

  1. Expats who stick out
  2. Expats who hunker down
  3. Expats who blend in

RachelABOUT RACHEL: I was raised in the Christian west, now I live in the Muslim east. Expat, runner, author, mother of three, wife to one, Faith-er. I write and pray for peace.

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