Beautify your Budget with Custom Money Envelopes by Redfly Creations

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Beautify your Budget with Custom Money Envelopes

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Money Enveolope from Redfly

A couple of years ago, we decided to use the envelope system to keep better track of what we spent each month.  I began by using plain white small envelopes, but they would easily fall apart.  I was constantly replacing them.  The other problem was that that they constantly fell out of my wallet almost every time I opened it.

Everything changed when I happened upon a printable template that allowed me to make my own envelopes.  This could not be easier and the envelopes are very cute.

melissa redfly creationsABOUT MELISSA: Melissa Whitcher is a stay-at-home mom to her three wonderful children and husband. She lives in Northern Texas and loves to create. As an outlet for the constant ideas going around in her head, she started Redfly Creations in 2011. Redfly Creations is a blog to help you make everything in your life more more organized, practical and beautiful.

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