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Plan a Family Adventure Day

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I’m not gonna lie, they sometimes get off to a slow start, with some whining and the occasional grumbling about boredom coming from the backseat.  But our Family Adventure Days eventually take on their own momentum, and before we know it – we are all having a fun time, creating happy memories to take away.  These brief journeys are about exploration and discovery, no matter what that may end up including in your home area.

Here’s what to bring along, some ideas of what to do and how to make the day a success, and why it’s worth the effort to take your family out for an adventure day.

CO_MtnMomABOUT TAMI: Tami and her family live in Western Colorado, where they are raising their kids to appreciate the great outdoors.  For her, it strikes a perfect balance to combine being an IT professional 4 days a week, with being a stay at home mom the other 3.  She writes about anything she finds amusing, helpful, or fun on her blog Colorado Mountain Mom, with the primary themes centering on what she loves most:  Travel, the Outdoors, and Disney.

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