21 Signs You’re The Mom Of A Toddler

Alexie Flook

Hudson started walking when he was eight months old and since then he’s escalated quickly from a bitty baby to a full-blown troublesome toddler. I’ve hesitated calling him a toddler because he’s only just turning one, but then I realised that being a toddler is more about their personality than their age because he is certainly not a baby anymore!

If you are like me and wondering if your baby has in fact reached the toddler stage yet or if you just need to know that you’re not the only one being driven crazy by fingerprints on everything, poo on the floor, and kids television, then this is the post for you!

  1. Your favourite part of the day is bath time because it’s the only time your child will sit in a confined place and be content.
  2. Your bathroom looks like the ancient crypts; There is toilet paper strewn across the floor, fingerprints on the walls and the occasional toy in the toilet.
  3. You spend an hour every morning trying to find clothes to wear only to realise that everything is covered in an unknown sticky substance inevitably from your child and you opt to stay in your pajamas all day instead.
  4. No matter how many times you clean it, your living room floor will always have a diaper, a random shoe, and turned over bowl of food on it.
  5. You follow your child around saying ‘no’ to everything they pick up because of course they don’t want to play with their toys.
  6. Your child’s favourite form of entertainment is climbing up the stairs and then crying for you to carry them back down the stairs just so they can climb back up the stairs.
  7. You are successfully able to distinguish a temper tantrum from a genuine cry and have learned that ignoring is the best way to handle them.
  8. Your child’s new found ability to take off their diaper has resulted in the discovery of little treasures around the house.
  9. All of your favourite things end up in the toilet. Toddlers do not discriminate.
  10. You have memorised the songs of your child’s favourite tv show so that you can sing it in the car when they are screaming.
  11. You have contemplated getting into bed and pulling the covers over your head on more than one occasion.
  12. You laugh when people without kids tell you your house is messy and add them to the babysitter list.
  13. You put a note on the front door threatening anyone who rings the doorbell when your child FINALLY takes a nap.
  14. You scream, “DON’T EAT THAT,” at least 10 times a day but usually closer to 20.
  15. You feel bad for animals who dare get close to your child who has yet to understand how to properly pet them.
  16. You are no longer amazed by your child’s ability to use anything and everything as a jungle gym including you.
  17. No matter how many times you hide the dog food your child still finds it and throws it around the kitchen.
  18. You have to hide ALL liquid because if it’s not hidden it will end up on the floor.
  19. You spend 95% of your day cleaning up messes that you didn’t make.
  20. Your babies baby soft skin is now covered in scrapes and bruises.
  21. You get the best cuddles and kisses and for the first time, it feels like they really know that they love you.

I know I’m new to this toddler thing but I can already tell I have a little trouble maker on my hands! What tricks has your toddler gotten up to?



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Being a toddler is more about their personality than their age! Here are 21 signs you're the mom of a toddler!


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