How to Start an Outdoor Cooking Group

Linda McGurk

Linda of Rain or Shine Mamma is sharing a great idea for community building, starting an outdoor cooking group. While summer is a traditional time for gathering outside for cooking, winter can also be a perfect time for families to gather for a meal and form an outdoor cooking group. According to author Linda McGurk and outdoor cooking group participant, “An outdoor cooking group for families can be a fun way to build community and get more kids outside, starting already in infancy.” We resonate with the difficulty of gathering large families and kids inside houses during the winter months and love the idea of sharing a meal and getting everyone outside to burn some energy. In her post, Linda shares several tips for organizing your own outdoor cooking group, including starting a facebook group to start planning out the details. We also love hearing about how their city council supported their efforts. So don’t wait for summer to plan your next outdoor meal with friends, start an outdoor cooking club with your friends this winter!


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One last mention. Coleman sent us this bad boy:

and we were THRILLED! We took it camping, to the beach, on the dock and sailing. When we had a backyard BBQ, we wheeled it over next to our large BBQ and threw on 10 m0re burgers! Coleman has DEFINITELY upped their game with this portable outdoor cooking DREAM! Get your own here.

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All the details you need for starting your own outdoor cooking group. What a fun idea for every season!


Scandinavian-born writer, photographer and mother-of-two Linda McGurk believes that the best childhood memories are created outside, while jumping in puddles, digging in dirt, catching frogs and climbing trees. Now a US citizen, she blogs about restoring the connection between children and nature at Rain or Shine Mamma (, and hopes to inspire other parents to get outside with their children every day, regardless of the weather. Her writings about conservation, organic farming, sustainable living, “Rain or Shine” practices, and children’s health, have appeared in a wide range of newspapers and magazines in North America as well as Scandinavia.