Mini Pumpkin Pies by Flour Arrangements



Mini Pumpkin Pie by Flour Arrangements

I‘ve been baking pie for as long as I can remember.  I love to make it, and I love to eat it.   Appleblackberrychocolate creambutterscotchpeachpumpkin, you name it — pie is practically perfect.   And I only add the “practically” because slicing pie makes me curiously anxious.

It may seem silly that — after spending considerable time and effort to bake it — slicing into a finished pie troubles me so, but it does.  I worry about making lopsided slices.  I worry that each piece will fall apart while I lift it to the plate.  And then, after serving a few slices, I start to worry that I won’t have enough pie to go around.

Worrying about pie, practically perfect as it is, amounts to a whole lot of wasted energy.  Whenever I can, I pass the knife to someone else so I can relax and enjoy dessert.

This usually works just fine, but I needed a better solution for Thanksgiving. In our excitement about being in a new house in the Bay Area, we invited our families to come for the holiday this year.  We’re thrilled that, at last check, 25 people will join us for two separate turkey dinners.  The idea of slicing that much pie into so many tiny slices — even if I’m not the one wielding the knife — was making me nervous to a distraction….and then I came up with the PERFECT SOLUTION.

  Suzanne focuses on food as centerpiece for both everyday routines and special occasions. Each recipe featured on Flour Arrangements, from simple loaves of bread to fondant decorated birthday cakes, comes with a story that blends life with cooking.

I’ve always been a baker at heart.  Friends convinced me to start writing Flour Arrnagements after I made a few cakes for my kids’ birthday parties.  At the time, I had just gone back to teaching at a small alternative high school in Friday Harbor, WA, but in my spare time, I began sharing stories about my attempts at baking breadsdecorating cakes, and preparing other foods that time usually dictates people to buy rather than make.

Now I’m at home with my kids again after a whirlwind move to California.  While my young girls — with their constant stream of projects — keep me busier than I ever was at work, I’m still trying to squeeze in time to experiment in the kitchen as much as I can.

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