The Story Behind StoryTots Personalized Storybooks & a Giveaway

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The idea to go beyond having his name simply in a book came from a desire to take the personalization further, I wanted to do more than just swap out a name. I wanted to create something where the child could really immerse themselves in the story and take advantage of their vivid imagination. As I started mulling over different story ideas, I’d ask for my then-3-year-old’s opinion. Often he had terrific input and sometimes sparked entirely new stories.

I wanted to figure out a way that I could make the stories “real” for ANY child, whether they were a boy or girl, a red-head with freckles, a blond pigtails and glasses, or of any ethnicity. I started designing different hairstyles  and came up with a fairly broad representation of coloring, 4 different skin tones, 7 hair colors and 9-10 hair styles for each gender. When you do the math on the possible combinations, it comes out to over 500 per book, and that is before you add glasses or freckles!

There are 4 different stories:

Catch Those Monkeys! by StoryTots

Catch Those Monkeys!

The Princess Crown by StoryTots

The Princess Crown

Dinosaur Circus by StoryTots

Dinosaur Circus

The Dragon of Snoobledoob by StoryTots

The Dragon of Snoobledoob

What makes these books a truly unique gift is the level customization available during the ordering process. When you order on, you can completely customize the look of the cartoon-ified main character based on all of the options mentioned above, so your child becomes the star of the story. There is also a spot for a dedication to be printed in the book, or you can leave it blank and hand-write a message in later. Your final book ends up being completely unique!

The CUTEST little personalized stories from @StoryTots. They will make a great gift for your littles. #giftideas

Interiors from each book

PRODUCT DETAILS: Each book is 32-40 pages with full color illustration throughout, in a “perfect bound” soft-cover, just like you would find in a bookstore. I recommend these books for kiddos between the ages of 2 to 7. Each book retails for $15 at

The CUTEST little personalized stories from @StoryTots. They will make a great gift for your littles. #giftideas

Just a small sampling of the over 500 character variations available for each book!

On the website you can view each book in its entirely from a flip book right on the book’s page.

FAVORITE MOMENT: One of my favorite moments was when a friend’s two-year-old daughter, who LOVES monkeys, quoted a passage from Catch Those Monkeys! back to me out of the blue! I really don’t think there is any higher praise than that.

The CUTEST little personalized stories from @StoryTots. They will make a great gift for your littles. #giftideas


Story Tots has offered to give away a copy of a personalized book of your choice!


Leave a comment telling us which book you would choose. That’s it!

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This giveaway will be open until Saturday, November 30 at midnight PST. At that time a winner will be chosen at random and they will be contacted via email. If the winner does not respond, another will be chosen in the same manner.  This giveaway is open to US and Canadian residents over the age of 18.