Homemade Eggnog Recipe

Katie K


Cartons of eggnog are now readily available on grocery stores shelves, but if you’re looking for a special treat, mix up a batch of your own eggnog from scratch. Katie of Epicurean Mom shares this delicious Holiday Eggnog Recipe that will add festivity to your winter celebrations.

Katie’s recipe includes plenty of spices for flavor and a healthy dose of rum to lift your spirits, though she suggests making half with rum and half without so you can share with your kids.

One last thing — while many DIY eggnog recipes call for raw eggs, Katie’s recipe recommends heating the mixture and then cooling it before serving as a smart precaution to make sure your holidays stay happy! Cheers!



ABOUT KATIE:  There are two things Katie loves most in life; family and food ~ usually in that order.  Her blog, Epicurean Mom, is dedicated to both. Katie’s love of food started when she was young helping her mom in the kitchen. She believes it’s her turn to teach her daughters to experiment and enjoy the process of coming up with culinary creations of their own. 

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This delicious homemade eggnog recipe includes plenty of spice and a healthy dose of rum to lift your spirits.