How To Hand Stitch Cards

Jennie Moraitis

I am a big lover of stationery: cards, lovely papers, pretty lined envelopes – I love it all. When I walk into a stationery shop and see shelves lined with letterpress cards and tiny decorated paperclips, my heart sings. But I have to admit, the price on many of these beautiful items is a bit out of my price range.

So what’s a girl to do? I still love cards but rather than buying them, I make them. One of my favorite cards to make is a hand-stitched card. They look so pretty with the added texture of the embroidery floss, but they are so simple (and inexpensive) to whip up.




 What a wonderful way to send a personal note! These hand stitched cards kick it up a little.

Jennie is a craft lover who writes about DIY craft projects and creativity on her blog, Little Girl Designs. She firmly believes everyone has creativity ingrained in them and how it is expressed is part of the fun of living. She spends her days playing with her toddler, going on walks with her sweet family, and working on craft projects. She has been a maker since childhood and loves the feeling of finishing a project, and especially giving it away as a gift.