Egg Carton Flowers by Katie Myers

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Egg Carton Flowers


Spring is right around the corner, but with flowers just starting to break the ground here is a a fun way to bring some colorful bouquets into your home!

What you will need to make your own Egg Carton Flowers:

Egg Cartons



Pipe cleaners




First start by making your egg carton into flower shapes. To this:

1. Take the little cups apart

2. Cut the edges so they look clean

3. Cut into flower shapes. With your scissors make cuts into the cup toward the center, you can finish off the edges by making points, rounding them or leaving them just the way they are.


Now is the fun part. Its time to add some color, let your little ones paint away!



To let them dry we places the little flowers into an egg carton, it just was too fitting. That way they stayed safe until dry.


When they have dried all the way its time to make them into your bouquet. Start by poking a hole in the middle of each of your flower, I used the tip of a writing pen.

Next I put buttons on my pip cleaner to thread the flowers on, the buttons make sure they wont slide though, you could also use beads or just bend the tips of the pipe cleaners.

Once they are all threaded though and you have all your flowers together you can put them in a cute little jar or vase. Now you have pretty flowers that will last forever!



Katie Myers ABOUT KATIE: Katie spends her days with toddlers, as their preschool teacher. She loves to bake, cook, camp, and read, but she her greatest love is creating crafts and sharing them with kids. Katie and her newlywed husband are living happily ever after on a little island in the Pacific Northwest where she was born and raised. Keep your eyes open for her posts on Bonbon Break, where she will be a regular contributor. Follow Katie on Pinterest, Google+ and Twitter.

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