DIY Penny Art: The Last Great Penny by A Swell Place to Dwell

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DIY Penny Art: The Last Great Penny

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DIY Penny Art

I was on the hunt for a somewhat manly but sentimental gift for my husband.  Canada has discontinued the penny, so I figured that it was time to put all of the pennies I had stashed away to use – just not as cash!  I dug through my spare change to find pennies from years that had special meaning to us.  With just a few basic supplies and about 5 minutes, I was able to create a unique and meaningful piece of art for our home.

IMG_0394ABOUT KELLY: Kelly is a DIYaholic who has a bit of a crazy life with a toddler who moves at super sonic speeds, a fantastic husband, a loveable but totally neurotic Great Dane, a full time job and a house that needs some help. Kelly writes at A Swell Place to Dwell, where she shares her DIY home projects, furniture makeovers, easy crafts, and everyday life ramblings.  Kelly is a proud Canadian who lives in Edmonton, Alberta.

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