Mean Girls Suck

BonBon Break

Everyone needs friends.  They’re like gifts we give to ourselves or creating your own handpicked family.  And, the friends we gather as children may last us a lifetime.  They may last us a grade level in school or just for a few years when you share similarities or proximity. Some come into and out of our lives to leave a mark on our souls even as they move on.  They may be “adopted” sisters that we surround ourselves with to make life wonderful.  Friends share laughter, clothes, secrets, hopes and fears.  Together you learn how to be good to each other and truly LOVE someone you’re not related to.

But, sometimes friends become “frenemies” for no reason whatsoever.  One day you’re gossiping about someone’s atrocious outfit and the next your “friend” is bad mouthing you all over school and the social media.  It’s one of the biggest heartbreaks you can experience – because this is your soul sister.  She’s telling people your secrets and using your insecurities against you.  It’s painful as an adult. But, when you’re in high school – there’s no escaping the torment in those narrow lockered hallways.

The good news is that high school doesn’t last forever.


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