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My Daughter is a Japanese Boy Scout

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My Daughter is a Japanese Boy Scout Japanese Foreign Exchange Student

My 18 year old daughter had a life changing experience in Japan as a high school exchange student. She joined the boy scouts (it’s co-ed there) and participated in a 100 kilometer race with her scout troop! The lazy teenager I used to know was gone. Instead, on the other side of the planet, my daughter was giving herself new challenges and actually finding the strength against all odds to succeed. Parents can say over and over again that you can accomplish anything you set your mind to, but sometimes your kids have to live through an experience like she did before they believe it. In her own words, she describes her experience of the 21 hour and 64+ mile race that transformed her outlook on life.

happy-cliffmama-spires-potreroABOUT JANNETTE: Since 1981, Jannette’s passion has been rock climbing. So after having children, she incorporated them into her climbing life as well. She formed a local family climbing group as a way for climbers with kids to find other families to climb with. With over 80 families in the group, she’s learned a lot about climbing with kids and created a blog about that subject on which also features information for visitors to the Gunks in New York, where she climbs. Now awesome self-assured teenagers, she and her daughters share a special bond and they would rather be climbing with Mom than going to a shopping mall. When not climbing, Jannette is on the board of directors for the non-profit Gunks Climbers’ Coalition and works at a digital marketing agency.

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