A Little Love for the Toaster Tart by Salt Tree

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A Little Love for the Toaster Tart

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A little love for the toaster tart Chocolate and Peanut butter pop tart nutella

Let’s face it.  It’s basically a pie for breakfast.  A treat.  So let’s go all out and do it right.  Chocolate dough for the tart, peanut butter and nutella for the filling and a vanilla cinnamon frosting.  Oh yes.

Completely freezable, toastable and enjoyable.

amber salt treeABOUT AMBER: Living in Ontario, Canada, this wife and mother decided, yes, like many others, to start a blog after much ‘encouragement’ from friends. Initially, as a way to share creative ideas, hoping for honest feedback, and maybe, just maybe, inspire others.Started in March 2011, SaltTree has since grown quite an archive, an impressive following across several platforms and has been featured on dozens of websites & blogs. More than a year after its humble beginning, Amber is still stealing away little moments to create, cook and dream, camera in hand, all while chasing a toddler.You can follow Amber on her blog, SaltTree, hang out with her on Facebook, or see what she’s inspired by on Pinterest. To follow via email, subscribe to SaltTree’s RSS feed.


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