Oat Muffins with Brown Sugar Pecan Crumble by Fifteen Spatulas

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Oat Muffins with Brown Sugar Pecan Crumble by Fifteen Spatulas

Would you say you’re someone who always sticks to the recipe, or someone who likes to experiment with a completely new ingredient and see what happens?

Odds are you’ve got a little bit of both in you. Lately I’ve been getting more of the “let’s experiment” fever because it seems that every time I go to the grocery store, there are more and more shelves exploding with weird/cool flours of all kinds: hazelnut, spelt, garbanzo, oat, sorghum, coconut, and zillions of others.

Have you ever tried baking with these unusual flours? If not, let me introduce you to some oat flour. The first question you may have is, what’s the point to using oat flour?

joanne 15 spatulasABOUT JOANNE: Joanne created Fifteen Spatulas to show people that recipes from scratch aren’t so intimidating after all. She walks you through her best dishes step-by-step and explains the how’s and why’s of cooking along the way. Her favorite recipes to cook are nostalgic junk food favorites like peanut butter cups and toaster tarts, but from scratch at home, so she knows what ingredients are going into it.


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