DIY Easel/ Sandwich Board

Charlotte Smith

When our preschool needed a way to market and encourage registration, I offered to make them a simple sandwich board to display their information. Turns out that this ‘sandwich’ board is basically a DIY easel that would be PERFECT for a kids room or an office! I found some inspiration online and was able to make this in a couple of hours. Materials are as simple as some pre-cut plywood, 1×3 boards, and hinges. What I love about this tutorial is that you can make the easel/ sandwich board into whatever you’d like once it’s made. Paint it with chalkboard paint and bam… chalkboard. Glue on a white board and boom… dry erase board. Attach carabiners like I did and it’s a great way to hang artwork or seasonal banners! Or just leave it alone and use it as a place for your kids to paint and display their many creations!




 DIY Sandwich Board and Easel - we love the handle that makes it easy to carry as well!

After 10 years of cruising the big bad streets of New York City, Charlotte and her family up and went suburban in June 2012. The decision to leave the urb for the burb was saddest for her so Ciburbanity (city + suburb + sanity) was born as a suburban diary, record book, and sounding board. She writes about life (which basically means her lack of a social life), kids (four under the age of six), her house, and anything else (read: crafts + design) that crosses her diaper and thrifty filled brain. If it’s colorful or quirky, she wants it. If it has a red clearance sticker, she wants it. If it’s a little weird or unexpected, she wants it. Charlotte's design style is frugal repurposed eclectic (look it up, it’s probably a thing), and she may or may not have eight chairs, three coffee tables, and a dresser in her garage.