One of The Easiest Pallet Projects Ever by The Space Between

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One of The Easiest Pallet Projects Ever

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One of The Easiest Pallet Projects Ever by The Space Between

Do you remember the last time you moved?  When you unpacked your things in your new house and all these old memories flooded back of those same things on your old space?

I’ve been relishing the nostalgia of it all for about a week.  With every new box I opened I would uncover some of my favorite upcycling ideas or pallet projects.  The palm frond pumpkin made it pretty much unscathed!  And all of the pallet art projects need to find a new home here.

And then when I found the diy door trough, one of the easiest pallet projects ever, I thought the tutorial was worth resharing.  This little gem might just happens to be one of the first bits of pretty around here.

ABOUT KARAH: Karah Bunde is the founder and write for the DIY decor and craft blog the space between. She is a small town girl from the North East who finds herself renting a house on a Caribbean island after owning and renovating 3 1/2 homes in different US cities over the course of 8 years. She is in the process of trying anything (pallet word art, hutch turned tv stand, driftwood Christmas trees) to make the most of the space she now finds herself in. We all know that space, the space between what has been and what will be.

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