DIY Braided Headband by Trinkets in Bloom

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DIY Braided Headband

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DIY Braided Headband by Trinkets in Bloom

Not only a great way to use up your leftover yarns, this DIY Braided Headband is also quick and easy to make. You can mix up colors and textures to create fun and different looks. Like most DIY projects you can really bring your own style and creativity to this simple Braided Headband. You could even leave the ends longer or add ribbons, really tailor it to whomever you’re making it for. While I used my daughter as a model, this headband isn’t just for kids. Depending on the yarns you use and the thickness of your braid this DIY Braided Headband can work for most anyone.

ABOUT CATHY: Cathy writes the blog Trinkets in Bloom where she shares all her ideas and fashion DIY’s. Finding inspiration in runway fashion, street style, vintage finds and the challenge that comes from trying to make something herself. She’s been creating and making things her whole life and being able to share them on her blog she says, is a dream come true. Cathy has a four year old daughter who now uses DIY as word and is constantly giving her ideas for “DIY”. When she’s not creating she can be found scouring magazines for inspiration, drinking coffee and playing games with her daughter.

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