Cheese-Stuffed Baked Meatballs

Michelle McKinnon


What could be better than meatballs? Cheese-stuffed baked meatballs!

Michelle of Flour and Aprons shares her comforting, delicious recipe that calls for baking, rather than pan-frying the meatballs. This time-saving method frees you from standing at the stove turning meatballs. Michelle says:

“While they are baking it gives you time to make the sauce and prepare the pasta. I like to add the sauce to the meatballs after they have been baking for a while so they get a chance to take in some of the flavour from the sauce.”

This recipe transforms a hearty meal of spaghetti and meatballs into a weeknight option for busy families.  And it’s simple to turn those extra meatballs into fantastic subs for lunch the next day!




 What could be better than meatballs? Meatballs stuffed with cheese! This delicious, time-saving recipe calls for baking rather than pan-frying the meatballs.

Hi, my name is Michelle from Flour and Aprons. I learned from an early age that there is something special about cooking and baking for others, which is why I share my recipes on my blog. I am grateful that my parents encouraged me to be creative as I am now a passionate home baker, photographer, and artist.