Bottle Rocket

Emma Vanstone

Creating, investigating and experimenting are fantastic ways for kids to learn about different areas of the world around them and start to delve deeper into the world of Science. Discovering ways to understand concepts such as force and how rockets work, in school or at home, can be a real challenge for parents and teachers, however this Simple Bottle Rocket will help explain both.

Using items from the recycle bin, garage and your tap you can create a bottle rocket that will help explain Newton’s Third Law of relativity. As well as create a safe way to see how space rockets work propelling your bottle high into the air – great for those space mad kids and believe me Dad’s will love it as well.

Whether the weather is Cold (add some coloured water to the mix and if you’ve got some snow it makes a fantastic art creation as well) or hot this is a fantastic activity to get out and about whilst investigating and learning about science as well as having fun as a family and getting creative together.




Bottle rockets featured from Science Sparks

Emma Vanstone started her parenting blog in 2011 as a hobby and quickly developed a love for social media. Her passion for science education and making science accessible to all led to the creation of Science Sparks later that year, which she has slowly developed into an incredible resource for parents, teachers and anyone who loves science. Emma gets her inspiration from her three children, the questions they ask and games they play. She spends her days drinking too much coffee, attempting to exercise and blogging as much as possible before school run time.