Challenge and Discover: Water Science by Inspiration Laboratories

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Challenge and Discover: Water Science by Inspiration Labs

Kids love playing with water and exploring its properties. Did you realize they’re really doing science? Making observations, predicting what will happen, learning about the world around them – that’s science.

Set up a bowl of water for your child to explore {outside maybe}. Pose a question or two to get her interested. What happens when you push your hand in the bowl of water slowly? What happens when you hit the water with the palm of your hand? Is there a difference in how it feels? What you experience is due to the surface tension of water and cohesion. Water molecules adhere to one another.

That’s just one simple water science idea for you. There are many more ideas below. How will you choose to play and explore water?

Trisha is a stay at home mom to her 3-year old son, Aiden. She writes about their adventures at Inspiration Laboratories, a blog dedicated to encouraging learning through creativity and play. Trisha is an educator with a passion for science literacy. It is never too early to start encouraging science learning (or any kind of learning for that matter).

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