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F is for Forest

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F is for Forest

My husband and I have always loved hiking and spending time outside. Our 3 year old son has been hiking with us since he was a baby. I carried him in a wrap and hiked a little more slowly. Once he was able to walk on his own, we would take shorter hikes just for him to explore. He started asking questions about the things he saw. He wanted to know the name for everything.

Have you ever thought about the lessons you can learn in the forest? In this post, I give you examples of learning in the forest. – whether it be deep in the woods or just the forest edges in your own neighborhood.

F is for Forest is part of our A to Z Science series for toddlers and preschoolers at Inspiration Laboratories. The goal of the series is to share simple science activities that are easily doable by toddlers and preschoolers. There is a focus on asking questions and making observations as well as other important science skills.

TrishaABOUT TRISHA: Trisha is a stay at home mom to her 3-year old son, Aiden. She writes about their adventures at Inspiration Laboratories, a blog dedicated to encouraging learning through creativity and play. Trisha is an educator with a passion for science literacy. It is never too early to start encouraging science learning (or any kind of learning for that matter). Follow along on Google+, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.





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