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In this episode, Val is chatting it up with Leslie Marinelli from In the Powder Room, Shannon Lell from Mamapedia, Lynn Morrison from BLUNTMoms and Sarah Millar from Mamalode.  Find out what life looks life behind-the-scenes at these online magazines and get tips to create content that meets their needs.

Tune in LIVE on October 22, 2014, at 9:30 AM PST, to learn how to get your work featured on their sites!

 BonBon Break LIVE: Talk to the Editors

Topics We Will Be Discussing:

  • Information about submitting content
  • Insights about what grabs — and keeps — their interest
  • Overview of what they love to see from their contributors
  • Rundown on editorial pet peeves


Meet the panel:

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Leslie Marinelli is an award-winning humorist, wife, mother of three, and burgeoning Taekwondo badass with the green belt to prove it. Formerly a weekly columnist for In the Powder Room, she served for two years as their Editor-in-Chief before acquiring the company in March of 2014. She is also the editor and co-author of the best-selling women’s humor anthology, “You Have Lipstick on Your Teeth.”

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shannonlellShannon Lell was tossed off the corporate ladder in 2010 and then flung herself from her marriage in 2014. Now she’s tired and just wants a nap. When she’s not napping, folding laundry, and corralling two small children, she writes things at and is the editor of She writes slightly sarcastic, introspective essays on personal and social issues and believes you’re only as sick as your secrets. She tries hard not to get sick.

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lynnmorrisonLynn Morrison is a member of the editorial team at BLUNT Moms, a website where women come and speak their mind about just about anything. As part of the team, she helps out with editing, scheduling, mentoring, and contributor recruitment. You can also find Lynn over on her own blog, Nomad Mom Diary.

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sarahmillarSarah Millar, M.A.Ed., is the managing editor at Mamalode. She has the pleasure of not only wrangling writers but also her two daughters and husband.

When not moving words around on a page or curating the best of the information freeway, you can find her in the woods on her bike or skis.

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