Aventura Spring Closet

Val Curtis
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The temperatures are starting to warm up, and I am ready to break out of the gray and black of my winter closet into some great Spring colors. Aventura sent their Ambassadors their 2016 Spring / Summer catalog, and we were able to pick THREE outfits! I won’t lie, my list for my Aventura Spring Closet Must-Have Items was long because their latest collections are simply amazing. Alas, I will able to finally nail three down.

Aventura Spring Closet Must-Have Items

Aventura-Spring-2016-3Asbhy Maxi and Kyle Wrap

Not only is this Maxi comfy, the color is beautiful. If you pair it with the Kyle Wrap, it is perfect for the cooler days and nights of Spring. If you are familiar with the Kyle Wrap from previous seasons, you will love this new version. It is a little longer and tapered in on the sides. This year it comes in six colors, so there is something for everyone. It is a staple in my weekly wardrobe.


Addie Capri, Pilar Tank and Pippa Sweater

This is an outfit I could wear every single day. If you don’t own a pair of the Addie Capris, you should get a pair soon. Comfortable and CRAZY cute. I love the white stitching accent on the black pants, but they come in 11 colors. If you have a pair of Addie Capris and a Kyle Wrap, you are ready for just about anything! Oh wait, you should wear a shirt. I love love love the Pilar tank because the detail on the top is perfect. Not too much where it takes over, but just enough to accent the tank beautifully. Part three of this fabulous threesome is the Pippa Sweater. It’s cozy, light, and I love the *pop* of color. Honestly, I think I am ordering the Spiced Coral color combo as well because I can see that these will become part of my Spring / Summer “uniform.”


Nevis Maxi Skirt, Bellamy Top and Redford Jacket

I am a huge fan of Aventura Clothing’s skirts. They travel really well, and they have a perfect weight to them. Not too flimsy and not too heavy. The colors stay bright through multiple washings, and every skirt I have purchased continues to be a favorite item in my closet. The Bellamy is another favorite from this line because they took a cute, classic T and spruced it up, not so much that it only looks appropriate on someone who works out three hours a day, but for all of us. The criss-cross pattern on the back is simple, yet it gives a little flair to the outfit. Aventura is known for their attention to little details, and this top and the bag below are perfect examples. There is also a Bellamy Tank, and I am SURE a few of those will be finding their way into my closet!  The Redford Jacket is fun to throw on with a pair of jeans, a cute maxi skirt, or hmm…I might even have to try it with the Ashby Maxi Dress! I haven’t done that yet.
Genevieve Scarf, Samantha Bag and Jennifer Hat

Each season we can request three accessories, and I usually get three scarves, because their scarves are beautiful and change up an outfit so quickly. This time, I chose the Genevieve scarf because it reminds me of a garden watercolor painting, and that is right up my alley. The Jennifer Hat was much needed and it is my new gardening hat to protect my head and face while I am out weeding, planting, watering, and harvesting. The colored bands are so “happy” and, like all things Aventura, it is really comfortable.

The bag. The Samantha bag receives its own paragraph here because man, oh, man, this is THE bag of the Spring / Summer. It is beautifully lined, HUGE, and the grommets that are used to attach the handles are just GENIUS. You can pack this full of snacks, towels, and sunscreen or even take it to the Farmer’s Market, and you don’t have to worry about handles ripping. This is hands down my new favorite bag. If you keep your keys on a carabiner, you can easily clip them through the grommets – no lost keys in the big bag. Fantastic. Get one before they run out because I am SURE they will as soon as the secret gets out. You heard it here first.


These are a few of the other items I have my eye on…What is catching your eye? Take a peek!

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