Fun Fashion for Spring

Val Curtis

stamp-noapprove_LargeA few months ago, I was asked by Aventura Clothing to become an ambassador. This is one company I would gladly empty my closet for any day of the year. Their line is eco-friendly, comfortable and so. darn. cute! Take a peek at my Spring picks and then I will tell you a little more about them. I mean, I KNOW you want to see what they have to offer.



Mayfield Solid Top

Mayfield Solid Top






Vivan Scarf

Vivan Scarf

Vivian Scarf

Vivian Scarf

So, first I have to admit that I felt like a queen the first time I looked through the catalog. I was asked to put together three outfits. OUTFITS? They didn’t seem to understand that for the last 7 years I have grabbed what was clean-ish. Actual outfits. That matched. And were clean. It literally brought tears to my eyes. Does that seem silly? I would have thought so too several years back. Enough of that, let’s talk clothes!

Happy jumps. Can you SEE that collection?! Every last piece is perfect for travel or the mom-on-the-go. I am having TOO much fun mixing and matching.

For those of you who are reading this and live nearby, you’ve seen the collection and I have NEVER received so many compliments. That Lantana Hoodie is straight up adorable and comfy and one of my favorite articles of clothing in my closet. The Kyle wrap is on when the Lantana isn’t. All three skirts involved me writing down or texting “Aventura” to someone the day I wore them and I love love love that Tyra Maxi skirt more than words can say. It is so soft and it fits (and sways) perfectly. The color is incredible and makes me FEEL like Spring. The scarves make me feel sassy and I forgot how easy it is to spruce an outfit up with a splash of color. Aventura’s scarf collection is truly amazing.

The item I really want to talk about is the Mayfield top. The design of this top is truly brilliant. It is ruched in all of the right places and it fits like it was made for me.

So….here’s the good news. I want YOU to experience some of this Aventura goodness. The first 10 people to comment (US only) will get a 60% off discount card from yours truly. Take a peek at Aventura’s site and look at their dresses, and their shorts…oh, and DO NOT forget the scarves. And wraps. And make sure you grab a Lantana hoodie because it will soon become your favorite as well.

Let me know if you have any questions, because I am head over heels over Aventura.



The perfect clothes for spring and summer. Skirts, wraps, tanks, and scarves from Aventura.

Aventura Clothing provided me with the items in this post, but all opinions are my own. (And I really do love it as much as I said!)

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