Baby It’s Cold Outside: Staying Fashionable When It’s Freezing

Laura O'Rourke

Snow is in the air in many parts of North America and while that may make you want to hibernate; it is a great reason to layer up in some stylish winter essentials. If winter is going to come anyway, you might as well look cute in clothes that hide the result of all those Christmas cookies that were so totally worth eating.

When it comes to rocking winter fashion, the trick is to have some cold-weather staples that you can add to create some perfect seasonal looks. Fill your closets with these key items and you will look fresh even when it is freezing.


Baby It's Cold Outside: Winter Fashion boots

Boots can be one of the more expensive items in your closet, so choose a pair that you’re going to love all season, and hopefully longer! Choose based on function as well fashion and make sure you can wear them in the snow. Ankle boots may have been fashionable this fall, but with snow up to your calves outside, it is time to pull out the tall boots. Boots like this The North Face Bridgeton look amazing and will get you through a snowy winter.

Skinny Jeans

aventura skinny jeans

Jeans have never gone out of style, and they can help keep you warm – if they don’t get wet. Skinny jeans pair great with those tall boots. If you’re worried that you can’t pull off skinny jeans, don’t be. Choose a pair that fit your waist and let everything else fall into place. Many women find jeggings incredibly comfortable, and a good pair will even be slimming. Try out this skinny jean from Aventura for the ultimate in skinny jean comfort.



Pumpkin-spice lovers rejoice for fall sweater weather! But sweaters work well into winter as well. Sweaters will keep you warm inside and out, look great with jeans, and can be dressed up or down with accessories. Stay on trend this season with this sequin stripe sweater that you can wear to a dinner party or snuggle up in this mixed cable sweater.


Baby It's Cold Outside: Winter Fashion leggings

After a season of indulgence, leggings are incredibly comfortable and forgiving. They look great under longer sweaters and tunics. Add some fleece-lined leggings to your wardrobe to keep warm in the winter months, like this one from Steve Madden.  You can always make use of black leggings, but you can also find options that help you express your personal style. Look for some graphic leggings to make a bold statement and brighten up the season.


Baby It's Cold Outside: Winter Fashion tunic

Longer shirts will let you rock those leggings or jeans with confidence while keeping you warm. Keep some solid colour tunics on hand when you want to be bold with your leggings or scarf but also, choose some patterned and bright tops to keep your spirits up when during days with less sunlight. Check out Aventura’s Palermo Tunic in either Grisaille or Blue Spruce for some solid colour choices.


When the days are cool but not cold, top your outfit with a Pendleton cape for a cozy, fashionable look. You’ll be the cute mom at school pick-up while wearing this.


Baby It's Cold Outside: Winter Fashion scarf

If fall is about sweaters, then winter is all about the scarf. Scarves can set the tone for every outfit and will keep you warm against the elements. This season, invest in a blanket scarf that can serve as an accessory or a layer of clothing. Wrap it around your neck or drape it over your shoulders and cinch at the waist with a belt; either way, it’s a statement piece.

Hats and Gloves

Baby It's Cold Outside: Winter Fashion headbandBaby It's Cold Outside: Winter Fashion gloves

The extremities are usually the first casualty to the cold, so hats and mitts are imperative to get through the winter. You’ll need multiple options of each, especially because if your house is anything like my house, gloves tend to get separated from its mate within minutes. I can always easily find a dozen mittens, but nary a pair in the mix. Get some heavy duty options as well as some that you feel super cute in. When you don’t want to mess up your hair, try a cable knit headband to protect your ears from the elements and matching knit gloves to complete the look. The gloves get bonus points if they have touchscreen technology in the fingertips so you can selfie the outfit.


Baby It's Cold Outside: Winter Fashion coat

Those of us in colder climates know that a winter coat isn’t a suggestion. It’s a necessity. When it is time to bundle up, you want to make sure there is something in your closet that will make you feel warm and incredibly cute at the same time. A down jacket with a faux fur trimmed hood is sure to do the trick and check off both the cute and functional boxes. When purchasing, make sure to confirm that the coat will stand up to the lowest temperatures that your climate can throw at it.


This post was written by Laura O’Rourke exclusively for BonBon Break Media, LLC

Laura O’Rourke is a blogger from Halifax, Nova Scotia. She is currently on maternity leave and home with three boys. She writes about finding the beauty in the mess of motherhood on her blog, Mommy Miracles. Her blog has been listed on multiple Top 10 Canadian Blog lists. Laura runs an online book club for busy Moms called MomsReading.