The Big Reveal

BonBon Break

The Big Reveal by The Girlfriend Mom @Bonbonbreak

How much are you comfortable revealing? I’m not talking about personal stuff, like how often, or infrequent, you have sex, or how you feel about your neighbor’s crush on your husband. I’m talking physically revealing.

Depending on how women feel about their bodies during the Winter, Spring and Fall months, Summer can make them feel like a hot mess. Ah, body image. What a loaded subject.

About Dani: Dani has written feature films, and performed stand-up throughout Los Angeles. She is the author and star of several solo shows, and is the writer, director and star of the film, A Really Intimate Portrait… Of a complete unknown. Dani is also a Pilates instructor, and she lives with her Portuguese lover; a divorced dad of two. She’s The Girlfriend Mom, and on an impossible mission; to remain a girlfriend, (and naked), while domesticating herself for the kids. Dani’s writing appears in Pilates Style Magazine, and She’s the sex columnist at, Funny not Slutty and lives in Jersey, where she flaunts a wicked sense of humor and a lot of Lululemon. Find her at

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