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Writer’s Job Description

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writers job descriptionSomeone told me once that I should be a writer.  I hadn’t any idea how to write, what it meant to write, or what to write about.  Still, that didn’t stop me from holding on to the idea and nurturing it over the years.  To feed the dream I purchased journal after journal.  To validate, I bought books on the craft of writing.  I collected both, the journals that I never filled, and the books I never read. Since I had journals and books on craft aplenty, I thought lofty thoughts and fancied myself a writer, even if I wasn’t, I said I was. I think of a writer’s quest to understand themselves and the worlds they create on the page, and the life they live, to be akin to meeting a new friend or a lover.  There is a tingle, the tiniest of flutter beneath the breast bone that spreads across the chest, as melting butter over a heated skillet does, followed by a sizzle and pop, pop, pop. I am still looking for a logical explanation for this calling. Maybe this is you. Not sure, read the job description and then decide.

brenda moguez ABOUT BRENDA: Brenda Moguez, is writer embracing her inner Xena, Princess Warrior, as she tackles the list of possibilities. She favors writing a story over vacuuming the dust bunny commune growing under her bed. When she’s not sitting on her bed writing she’s thinking about writing.  She is currently finishing the second novel while shopping the first one. She’s lives in San Francisco with her family and a fat cat.  All but the cat has accepted her passion for writing. You can find her at http://www.brendamoguez.com/, where she explores passionate pursuits in all its forms.

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